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About Swartz Law Firm: Florida Criminal Defense Law Firm

Swartz Law Firm is a Miami law firm founded by one well-respected and renowned Miami criminal defense attorney, Ken Swartz. Located in the One Flagler Building, near Biscayne Bay. His criminal defense law firm is dedicated to providing effective and innovative advocacy to each of its clientele. The view from the top floor of the building is picturesque but inside the office, the work is serious and professional.

The Client Comes First

At Swartz Law Firm, the client comes first. Ken Swartz maintains a hands-on approach to his cases, and he is personally involved in all aspects of every case. He has built a career upon respect of the client, believing that it is important for attorneys to interact closely with clients to develop winning strategies in what may be the biggest crisis the client will ever have to face. Client participation in defense strategy is important and welcomed at Swartz Law Firm. As a team, attorney Swartz works with the client, building a relationship on communication, transparency, trust, and strategy.

Excellence in Service

Not only does the firm employ top -notch investigators and forensic experts in preparation for the defense of each case, the legal expertise of its trial attorney is of the highest caliber. Ken Swartz has extensive criminal defense experience and winning records to bring to the table, and he has been recognized by his peers and the public at large as being one of the top criminal defense lawyers practicing in Florida today.

Media Coverage

The name of Ken Swartz may be recognized by many because he has been called upon to represent defendants in criminal defense matters, which have been the subject of national media coverage. Ken Swartz has been covered in such publications as the New York Times for his criminal defense representation of the lead defendant in the Jose Padilla, “the Dirty Bomber” trial.

Serving Communities

Although the Swartz Law Firm is situated in downtown Miami, legal services are often available to communities across South Florida and the State of Florida. Ken Swartz will make the trek though out Florida to meet his client; whether it is in a prison or a simple location, such as the client’s home. Thus far, communities served have included municipalities in Miami-Dade, Broward, West Palm Beach, Monroe, Collier, and Lee County. Attorney Swartz has even represented clients from as far as New York State. Of course, Miami being a major hotspot for tourists, it is common for tourists to land in a little a bit of trouble during their visits. Feel free to contact the Swartz Law Firm even if you live far from downtown Miami.

Initial Consultation

If you or a loved one is facing federal or state charges involving the risk of serious incarceration, fines, and even the death penalty, then please feel free to call Swartz Law Firm to schedule an initial consultation with a top criminal defense attorney.

Aggressively and expertly defending people who have been accused or charged with a serious crime in state or federal court – it’s what we do. Call us if we can be of help to you.

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