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Ken SwartzSwartz Law Firm is an accomplished Miami federal criminal defense law firm dedicated to defending people accused of a crime. With its principal office in Miami, board certified criminal defense lawyer Ken Swartz has represented clients in federal and state courts in all parts of Florida including Broward, West Palm Beach, Monroe, Collier, and Lee counties, as well as throughout the Nation.

Managing Partner Ken Swartz is Board Certified by the Florida Bar as an expert in Criminal Trial Law. As a specialist in the area of criminal law practicing for 30 years, Ken Swartz has the qualifications and experience in representing individuals accused of an entire spectrum of federal and state criminal cases, including fraud, drug crimes, violent crimes, sex crimes, internet crimes, and much more.

Over 130 Jury Trials in Criminal Cases

Ken Swartz has tried over 130 criminal jury trials in federal court ranging from white collar economic crimes to drug conspiracy and money laundering cases. As a specialist in the criminal field, Miami federal criminal lawyer Swartz has represented defendants through every stage of their respective cases; from the primary stage, where an investigation is thoroughly and meticulously planned and performed, to the post-conviction stage and beyond. Dedication and commitment are central tenets in attorney Swartz’s practice.

Criminal charges affect your life and liberty

A criminal charge is serious business. The consequences will affect your personal and professional life for the rest of your existence. Whether you are in Miami, or anywhere in Florida, if you are facing a criminal charge or an investigation, you need to have an attorney on your side with the expertise, experience, dedication, and a successful track record to defend your case and bring you the peace of mind you deserve.

Experience and Dedication to your case

Swartz Law Firm prides itself in representing each client aggressively and tenaciously, keeping in mind the best interests of the client at all times. As one of the premier criminal defense attorneys in Miami Dade County, Ken Swartz strives to achieve the best possible result for each client, no matter how large or petty the criminal charge.

We want you to have a positive experience with your attorney.

A good attorney client relationship is our number one priority. Attending to our client’s legal needs during a time of crisis is our business. We believe your experience with your Miami federal criminal lawyer should be a positive one. It should be an experience and relationship built on trust, communication, openness, and professionalism.

Communities served

Although the firm is located in downtown Miami, attorney Swartz has and continues to serve communities across South Florida, including the major municipalities of Miami-Dade, Broward, West Palm Beach, Monroe County and Key West. Ken Swartz has represented Miamians and South Floridians alike, as well as tourists who have had criminal charges filed against them during their stay. It doesn’t matter what part of the country or the world you’re from, there’s a criminal defense attorney here to defend you.

Florida Bar Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer

Contact us right away for a consultation in our Miami office or anywhere throughout Florida about your legal matter. Attorney Swartz will work with you to create a strong client relationship and provide effective representation that fits your schedule, finances, and particular legal troubles. One of the top Miami federal criminal attorneys is ready to come to your defense. Call Us Now.

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