Philosophy & History

Philosophy & History of the Swartz Law Firm

From the office in the One Flagler Building, near Biscayne Bay, criminal defense attorney Ken Swartz represents individuals statewide and nationally who are facing charges in state and federal courts for criminal law offenses, ranging from petty misdemeanors to very serious offenses.

No matter the severity of the crime, Ken Swartz, implements his core values and expertise in every case and with every client. These values include communication and team work between the client and the attorney. These basic elements will foster cooperation and trust and help construct an effective defense.

Fighting Against the Loss of Liberty and Civil Rights

The overriding goal of criminal defense attorney Ken Swartz is to prevent the loss of liberty and civil rights for each of his clients. He has dedicated his life’s work to this mission. The civil rights and liberties of people are sacrosanct, and attorney Swartz aims to defend them.

Fighting Against the Death Penalty

The Swartz Law Firm is also highly recognized in representing those who have been charged with violent crimes, such as first degree murder. Some of these clients include individuals facing the death penalty. Since the establishment of the practice, the Swartz Law Firm has taken a strong position against capital punishment, believing that the government does not have the right to the life of one of its citizens.

A History of Success

He has successfully obtained acquittals of individuals accused of serious federal criminal offenses in a great majority of his cases. Kenneth Swartz has having handled over 1000 federal criminal defense cases with over 130 jury trials in the course of his career. Please feel free to look over a sample of Ken Swartz’s case victories.

The Scope of the Practice

Criminal attorney Swartz has an expertise in a wide range of areas in the field of criminal law. These can include violent crimes, such as battery and rape, or white collar crimes, which may involve Medicare and healthcare fraud, computer hacking, tax fraud, and much more. These offenses may be based upon Florida law or Federal law. The severity can range from misdemeanors to felonies, which have much heavier punishments.

In total, the scope of the Swartz Law Firm is wide and dynamic, encompassing the entire field of criminal law at the state and federal levels. Ken Swartz has seen and does it call, having represented a diverse group of individuals –each with unique legal problems. Some of these individuals have included defendants charged with violent and white color offenses that involved the risk of serious imprisonment, jail time, fines, and sometimes, the death penalty. Some of his past clients have included defendants from polar areas of the state of Florida and even beyond the state border. The range of the Swartz Law Firm is wide not only professionally but territorially as well. Ken Swartz has undertaken challenging and sometimes unpopular cases. He hopes to continue expanding his professional boundaries by representing you, or someone you know, who may be facing criminal charges.

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